New Website and Projects

Hello, After working quietly behind the scenes for the last 18 months we have put in the foundations in to start creating a new body of work. Firstly, you can find the new website at And here is what has been happening… We have been working hard on creating a new mobile performance space,… Continue reading New Website and Projects


11 Days to Go!

Since our last blog we have made the decision to turn the project into an interactive installation with elements of performance. Centred on the gift and moneyless exchange, the installation has been made completely moneylessly, and it is coming along beautifully. We decided not to create a whole performance about the gift, as it is… Continue reading 11 Days to Go!

Days 25 & 26 – ‘The Tent’s Flooded! Where’s The Frisbee?!’

Hey guys! Firstly, thank you to everyone who has offered us help after our post earlier, it is very appreciated…lovely to know that people care! We have been able to patch up the hole in the ground sheet which was letting all the water into the tent, so fingers crossed, it should stop any more… Continue reading Days 25 & 26 – ‘The Tent’s Flooded! Where’s The Frisbee?!’