Summer Research and Planning

Hi guys!

We at BardsBarter are extremely excited to welcome you to our sight as we begin our project. We have had an extremely productive pre-preperation period over summer and are right on track for our moneyless month in November.

We have decided to take two modernized and cut down versions of Chaucer’s Canterbury tales, which can be performed in limited space at the drop of a hat, in the street, in bars or in someones house. We have chosen The Wife of Bath with its context fitting with our location and The Nuns Priests Tale as it is an extremely accessible  for all ages, both have the potential for hilarious comedy and spontaneous improvisation.

We also plan to take a musical set list of around 20 cover songs as we each play instruments and have a little singing experience giving us more options and another element with which to barter and trade with.

And finally, through WOOFing we have made contact with the owner of a small holding 5 miles outside of Bath who may be willing to let us stay on her land in exchange for some work. We are taking a trip up to Bath on the 11th and 12th of October to finalize a contract, have a look at the sight and get a taste of where we are staying.

We are ready and raring to go.

Keep checking back for updates.


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