Finding Our Inner Beasts

Its getting nearer!

Today we managed to source an emergency phone to use during the moneyless month, so big thanks to Mark for donating his spare phone. We had to get a new phone as all of ours are on contracts and therefore by using them we would be using money. Our emergency phone allows other people to contact us during the month and allows us to have a small amount of credit as a contingency, for use in emergencies, although we hope that wont be necessary. Also by using a bog standard phone, the battery should last longer and therefore we wont need to spend as long looking for a source for charging it.

We also started to work with the second of our Canterbury tales, we began with our first read through then startedĀ  working on specific elements – particularly on the physical and vocal traits of the characters. So, to find our inner beasts we employed a technique inspired by Lee Strasburg, in which you find the animal that suits the character, impersonate that animal, and then bring it back to a more human form whilst maintaining the animalistic traits. We all tried the characters and decided that Nathan makes the best cock. Darius the best fox. Tom… the hen. All in all a successful day.

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