Waltzing Chanticleer

We started the day with our first run through of ‘The Wife of Baths Tale’ without scripts which woke us up and invigorated us for the rest of the day. We began to block the beginning of ‘The Nuns Priests Tale’, adding ukelele to the intro.

We then spent the afternoon choreographing a dance sequence between Chanticleer and Pertelote, a cockerel and a hen. We wanted to create a moment on stage where, within the first few minutes of the show, the audience immediately acknowledges the love between the two. To do this we have the two waltzing romantically to a ukelele played by the narrator. The over all image, whilst conveying our message, has a comedic tone as we watch the dancing poultry.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On an exciting note, we were contacted today by BBC Radio Bristol who have asked us to come in for a live interview on their breakfast show to talk about  our project. So please tune in at 7.45am to Steve LeFevre’s show to hear our velvety tones across the airwaves, or catch up on i-player.



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