Bristol, Bath, Wellow.

The last few days have been very busy for the BardsBarter boys.

After our radio debut, we set off on a long and arduous journey – without the help of a trusty steed or wise old man – to Bath. After mooching around the city, fighting off fans who heard us on the airwaves, we went to Wellow, a few miles outside of Bath, to meet Janet at the smallholding she is letting us camp on for the duration of our moneyless month.

Following a tour round her land, Janet discussed with us the terms of our agreement regarding what she expects from us and what in turn we would like her to supply us with.

In exchange for 5 full days work from each of us, over the course of the month, we will be able to use:

  • A site to pitch our tent on
  • A fresh water tap
  • Compost toilet
  • A place from which to source firewood
  • Limited wi-fi to enable blog updates

There will also be an option for us to do extra work in exchange for some food, if we were to struggle or run out.

As Wellow is a small village, and Janet is a very community-minded person, she knows the majority of people in the village, so was able to help us book the village hall to perform in early in November. In return for the use of the hall, we will either be doing extra work for Janet, or something for the Wellow community. She has also arranged for our performance to feature in the local newsletter, stating that entry to said performance will be 1 item of food, drink or dry firewood.

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