First Performance and Musical Snapshot

After a productive morning working through The Nuns Priests Tale, including more work on our waltzing, we gathered an audience of students from around the performance centre and performed our first show, The Wife of Bath’s Tale, in front of people for the first time ever. This was integral, as to progress we needed to gauge audience reaction.

Overall it went really well, with members of the audience willing to join in and get involved, as well as a good level of laughter and sense of enjoyment throughout (one guy said his jaw was hurting from smiling and laughing so much). They were kind enough to offer us feedback with people mentioning how “we had a feel of troubadours” and that “it was really good fun”. They particularly liked the moments when things went slightly wrong and we improvised, keeping up the banter.

We are all feeling very confidant about this show and are looking forward to our next step, taking it to the streets of Falmouth and Truro

We also found time to record a little snapshot of our musical repertoire to please your eyes and ears.

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