Two Weeks and Counting…

So in two weeks we will have begun our moneyless month… Yesterday’s rehearsal gave us perspective as to how we are progressing and what we still have left to do, which include:

  • Finish the Nuns Priests Tale.
  • Run the Wife of Bath with audience (preferably in a street context).
  • Source the final items of costume.
  • Source final items of camping equipment.
  • Learn 5 – 10 more cover songs.
  • Fix Nathans bike, otherwise he’s going to be walking a lot.


We started by running through what we had already devised for The Nun’s Priest’s Tale, adjusting aspects of what he had created to suit possible performances we may do, aimed specifically at children. We feel it is important to have a couple of different versions of the shows and be able to cater for various audiences.

We then continued to work through the Nuns Priests Tale, with alternate performance elements to suit both age groups, adding more mature themed materiel and jokes for our adult performances and adopting a more slapstick and energetic manor for the performance for children.  We are making good progress and feel confidant we will have it nearly ready to go before we leave.

To finish we ran The Wife of Bath’s Tale with full costume and props. It went smoothly for the most part, so we feel our next step should be to take it to an audience and maybe to the streets.

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