Pagan To The Rescue

After a few days off to rest and recuperate, we returned to the studio ready and raring to continue work on The Nun’s Priest’s Tale. After running through the show and picking out specific scenes and moments that needed refining, we started working on a scene between the Fox and Chanticleer, in which the Fox deceives the clueless cockerel and carries him away for dinner. We needed to ensure the physical elements were consistently accurate and affective, whilst holding on to the fun, energetic feel to the piece.

After lunch, we enlisted the services of the lovely Pagan Chance, a 2nd Year Dance student, to help us improve the waltz scene between Chanticleer and Pertilote. The scene is very important, as it helps to introduce the audience to the loving couple and the dynamics in their relationship. Showing a LOT of patience, Pagan helped turn two lumbering gorillas into graceful gazelles…well not quite but she certainly gave the scene more professionalism and credibility, adding another element to the show, so a BIG THANK YOU to Pagan!!!

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