Productive Couple Of Days

We at BardsBarter have had a very productive few days. The moneyless month is getting closer and closer…we have six days until we leave and we are feeling prepared…if a little scared!!

Yesterday we finished our work on The Nun’s Priest’s Tale, went searching for and finished off the last of our costume (including spray painting the fox’s outfit with spray paints given to us through freecycle) and made stencils for the sign we will be taking with us.

This morning we tested out the costumes, worked on the Fox’s character and ran through both of the plays together. Then after lunch, moved on to our first ever performance of The Nun’s Priest’s Tale to an audience, as well as another performance of the Wife of Bath. Both were received really well; although, doing them back to back brought up the problem of how we link the two together. So we spent the rest of the afternoon scripting, then running, the introduction and linking section between the two plays. This is important, as – even though the two shows are designed to cater for different audiences and age ranges – there will be times when we need to perform both, so they need to be cohesive and work well as one whole production.

So 6 days…til we have no money…excellent!!

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