Taking to the Streets

Today BardsBarter took to the streets of Falmouth  to test our shows in a street performance context. We set up on the moor, despite the windy conditions, and after checking with the market and the pub we were in front of to make sure they were ok for us performing, we set about entertaining the Thursday afternoon crowds.

The response and feedback from the audience was really good, although we feel our performance wasn’t as good as it could have been and there are a few issues we need to address:

  • Location: The Moor, despite its good footfall, is noisy because of the market, the road and the wind. We therefore need to choose our spot more carefully, however in Bath this should be less of a problem.
  • Gathering an audience and audience positioning: We need to gather more of an audience before we start. We also need to be in a closer proximity to the audience than we were today, as audience interaction is integral to our performances.
  • Intro, linking and conclusion: We need to rehearse these to make them tight and professional, this our latest addition to the piece so practice will make perfect.

A big thank you to Lomond Handley and a chap named Tom for being such good sports!!

We shall take the performance to Truro tomorrow and try and address these issues and improve and perfect our performance. Check back here tomorrow to see how it goes…

Only 5 days left…

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