Taking to the Streets part 2

Today we hit the city of Truro, to test our performance in a different location, considering the issues we needed to address from our experiences yesterday:

  • Location: When we arrived we spent a lot longer walking around Truro to find a location that was suitable – it needed to be a spatially more intimate spot, as our shows work best with the audience at a close proximity. Eventually we found a spot on a semi-pedestrianised road of shops, with quite a heavy foot-fall, away from the main roads (ensuring there was less noise for us to battle against).
  • Gathering audience and audience positioning: We focussed a lot on gathering audience for the start of the show. We achieved this by inviting people who were walking by to stay and watch; going up to people further away and inviting them over; cheering and generally making noise to grab people’s attention; getting the audience we had gathered to clap and cheer to signify the start of the show; asking people to come closer to watch. This all helped build up anticipation in the audience and create energy to start the performance with. The fact that there was a lot of foot-fall and it was a more intimate location made gathering an audience a lot easier than yesterday.
  • Intro, linking and conclusion: We made the decision to cut The Nun’s Priest’s Tale from our street performances, as there is very little audience interaction or participation, which are pretty integral to street performance. The Wife of Bath’s Tale includes all of these elements and allows for improvisation – which is a bloody good job seeing as we had a lorry and a car drive through our performance today! Our other show does not allow for this, as it is in rhyming couplets, so any added text or variation from the script detracts from the show and seems out of place. We used the gathering of the audience as our intro, cutting the competition element from the show, which kept it quite brief and the energy levels high. To conclude we thanked the audience, especially Alex who made a splendid knight, and explained who we are and what we are doing. This worked for us, as some people stayed behind afterwards to talk about what we are doing and take our details. This has inspired us to make business cards and posters from recycled materials, making following our progress easier.

Overall, we are pleased with the changes we have made and are positive we are in a good place to start our moneyless adventure…you ready for us people of Bath?!

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