Day -1

Just seven hours left until we are moneyless…

Sorry we didn’t put any photos up last night we were really busy setting up camp and unpacking but today we a lovely selection for you to have a look at.

We arrived yesterday and were lucky with a clear and calm afternoon to put up the tents and arrange all of our stuff. We spent quite a few hours setting up everything (gathering wood, making beds etc.) then finished the day with our final paid for meal in the local pub.

After a surprisingly warm and comfortable night’s sleep, Tom collected windfall apples to go with a breakfast of bland porridge, while Darius and Nathan gathered, sawed up and stacked enough wood to keep the log burner going for a few days. We stored it on pallets Janet is letting us use, covered in a tarp to dry it all out. We will need to repeat this daily to keep ahead of ourselves, so the wood has three or four days to dry before we use it. This is essential as it is winter and keeping warm, especially at night, will make living in a tent for a month much more bearable.

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This afternoon we headed into Bath to meet with a photographer from the Bath Chronicle, who will be publishing an article about us and our project in tomorrow’s newspaper. For those not in Bath, you will be able to find it online at:

We are now going to approach some local pubs to try and negotiate a deal, in which we perform one or two nights over November, hopefully in exchange for a hot meal. Wish us luck!

Midnight tonight we go moneyless and we are all feeling very positive (if a little muddy) and are enjoying the experience so far. We are all getting on well, the only dispute so far being how best to catch a pheasant and cook it!!

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will be taking our performances to the streets of Bath for the first time!!! Keep checking back here to see how it goes.


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