Day 1 – 4 Follow the Silver Statue

Hello people!

Sorry we haven’t been able to blog up until now, getting internet access is a bit of an issue when you’re moneyless!

We are on our fourth moneyless day and an eventful few days it has been…

Ideally we would have liked to have got onto the streets of Bath on our first moneyless day, however severe wind and rain brought up some issues with the tent, such as leakage and the chimney coming out of place; so we spent the day adjusting, fixing and reorganizing the tent and campsite as a whole. We also made sure that we had prepared enough firewood to last a few days and cooked pasta to take into Bath the following day. We generally have cooking constantly, as it takes a while to cook anything on a log burner. These are just two of the things that we must keep on top of if we are to live happily (or at least relatively comfortably) for a month in a tent. A couple of others are insuring we always we always have plenty of water for drinking, cooking and washing, as well as having a makeshift washing line in the tent so all clothes can dry. At the end of the first day we did manage to arrange a music gig in the local pub, The Fox and Badger, in exchange for a hot meal.

After a relatively good night’s sleep, we were up early so we could get into Bath in good time to start performing. We fixed bikes, pumped tires, sorted costumes into panniers and bags and were about to set off when the heavens opened. We donned our waterproofs and off we went. The cycle into Bath took about an hour and twenty minutes with plenty of pushing up the steeper hills. We are going to be FIT be the end of this month! Either that or our bodies will be destroyed…

After hiding from the rain for a couple of hours (nobody will watch street performance in a monsoon!) and getting some advice from other buskers, we settled on a spot on the high-street and did our first performance for the people of Bath.

‘Talk to the Silver Statue, he’ll tell you what to do.’

The performance itself went ok, although the location wasn’t great and didn’t allow us to control the audience particularly well, meaning nobody stayed for the entirety of the show. We learnt some valuable lessons which will help us in future street shows.  We also earned three jam donuts and half a bag of almonds. Success! Although we will need more than a few donuts a time if we are to survive for a month.

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We have started getting some great responses from the pubs we visited on the 31st October, and have started to hear back from some of them, along with a couple we popped in to see after our performance. The first of these performances took place last night at Saracens Head Tavern, were we made an arrangement with James the manager where we performed at the open mike night, both theatre and music, in exchange he cooked us a lovely lovely curry. The performance went better than we could have expected, with great audience reaction and participation, we also to managed to collaborate musically with a couple of the other performers at the open mike. It went so well the owner offered us a weekly spot in the Saracens Head in exchange for a meal, and a weekly spot in The Grapes (his other pub) in exchange for a Sunday roast and a hot shower. Both of these are going to be extremely appreciated, especially the shower as we have been washing in a bucket up till now. We also had some of the lovely audience giving us some food and we have built great connections with Alex and Sarah, two poets and performers.

Will be performing in The Grapes this afternoon at 5:30 pm here our some dates and locations of other performances we have arranged:

The Grapes – Sunday Nov 4th – 5 pm

The Porters, George street – Tuesday Nov 6 – 8:30 pm

Fox and Badger, Wellow – Friday Nov 9 – 8:30 pm (music performance)

Wellow Village Hall – Saturday Nov 10th – 4 pm and 7:30 pm

The Saracens Head, Walcot Street – Sunday Nov 11 – 5 pm

The Hobgoblin, Opposite City of Bath College – Friday Nov 16th – 8 pm

Natural Theatre Co. Turning on Christmas lights, Widcombe – Thursday Nov 29th – From 6pm

There are more dates and locations to be confirmed.

We have also spoken to a few members of the public who have expressed an interest in having us perform in the homes for family and friends in exchange for a home cooked meal.

Four days in and things are looking positive. Cycling hasn’t killed us (although we did get lost last night), we haven’t frozen (although we woke up this morning to SNOW!) and we haven’t been laughed out of any establishments… in fact most people love the idea. Only 26 days to go, we will try to update you all as often as we can.


One thought on “Day 1 – 4 Follow the Silver Statue

  1. I love your project guys!!!! not to sure about that nude pic though!!! haha 🙂 good luck with the rest of it guys I hope it goes well x

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