Day 6,7 and 8 – Never Try a Gin Sandwich

After a good morning collecting mammoth amounts of wood and sawing it all into log burner-friendly pieces, we headed into Bath to do a spot of busking, before our performance in The Porters.

The busking went astonishingly well… We played the songs that we were confident in playing, such as If You Got The Money by Jamie T, and Save Tonight by Eagle-Eye Cherry. We were at it for no longer than 45 minutes, but the response we got in that time from members of the public was far beyond anything we could have imagined. We had a guitar case open in front of us, with signs explaining who we are and what we are doing, our contact information, and one saying “No money, food donations please”.

Right from the start people came up trying to give us money, but as they caught sight of the sign saying no money, they seemed taken aback, and took the time to read about our project. Some of them then disappeared, returning a short while later with generous offerings of food. Others were walking past, got a glimpse of the no money sign and stopped to read more, also returning with items of food. In the short space of time we were performing, people generously donated 3 ham & cheese baguettes, 4 jam donuts, a slice of lemon cake, a pack of mushrooms, a bag of carrots, a tin of hot dogs, a bag of cookies and a bottle of water. This was more than any of us had anticipated, and we struggled to fit it all in our bags!!

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We popped into some of the pubs we missed to try and arrange some more performances and got ourselves a gig at the Huntsman, North Parade after the turning on of the Christmas lights on the 13th. So if you’re looking for a drink after the ceremony come down at 7 ish and have a drink and be entertained!

Our performance in The Porters also went very well, with plenty of banter flying about with the audience (including a surprise visitor – Nathan’s mum!). Sir Shane was a fantastic knight…possibly the bravest we have had so far. The Porters provided us with possibly the best veggiburger I have ever tasted and a couple of drinks for our troubles, they also loved the show so much they have booked us again for the 18th. Put it in your diary!

The cycle home is getting easier, despite getting back to the tent at past 1:30 am, we were then up and in to Bath for our second performance in The Grapes. We were slightly apprehensive about the performance as the pub was full of locals and we weren’t sure how we would be taken. We needn’t have worried, however, as the reception was on the whole good. It was possibly our most difficult performance yet, requiring us to be very energetic and quick on our feet to harness the banter and heckles from the ‘regulars’. The generosity of the Grapes continues to astound us and the shower and chicken tikka burgers that followed were much appreciated.

Today we have been working for Janet on the small holding, clearing brush, sweeping leaves and shovelling compost as one of days payment for letting us stay on her land. We were provided with some amazing Pumpkin soup for lunch which helped energize us for a full day’s work. We also found that we were in the Bath Chronicle (the local weekly newspaper for Bath) which can be found online here:

Things are still looking great and we are looking forward to performing for the people of Wellow on Saturday.


And a video for you:

One thought on “Day 6,7 and 8 – Never Try a Gin Sandwich

  1. Boys you are doing so well!! cant wait to turn on my laptop for the next edition! Wish l was there to see you in person but the video’s are the next best thing! Keep up the good work! lots of love from Australia,Aunty Sue xxxxxxxx

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