Days 19 – 21 ‘But Moneypenny’…’No James’


Over the next couple of days we are going to be very busy with performances, WWOOFing for Janet and working at the village hall so probably won’t have the opportunity to update the blog. We thought we’d keep you all happy with a little post about our activities over the last few days.

It’s been a wet and stormy 48 hours for us in our tent, as after our last blog, the rain came in and it came to stay. However, we braved the conditions and spent a few hours on Monday picking windfall apples and the last few clinging to the trees, getting thoroughly soaked to the skin in the process.   Monday night saw us worrying about our tent and belongings in the gale, particularly the chimney coming out of the fire and smoking us all out, but we held firm and managed to escape with just our bike cover being blown off and very muddy boots.

On Tuesday we took the apples over to a guy in the village, James, who has an apple press in his garden and spent a good few hours washing, mulching and pressing apples. With many hands we made good progress and pressed over 20 gallons of delicious juice which, being split 3 ways between Janet and Erica for the apples, James for the press and us for the work, gives us plenty to drink over the next few days and hopefully some to take home to make cider! It was a really fun and rewarding process, despite the rain, especially for Nathan who is slowly getting used to manual work. In the evening we ate well, played cards and Backgammon. We find ourselves not missing modern entertainment – a mixture of keeping ourselves busy, good company, music and simple pastimes replacing TV’s, internet and video games. The tent keeps the horrible November weather out once more (with the exception of a few trickles down the chimney) and we had a good night’s sleep.

This morning, with the relentless downpour continuing outside, we found it very difficult to get up and motivate ourselves to do anything; but after breakfast and tea it started to clear up, so we cycled to Combe Hay to return a pot to a lady who had generously made us a delicious stew a few days ago.

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Tonight we are going to be performing in somebody’s living room for their friends and neighbours in exchange for some grub and a much needed bath. We have a busy few days ahead; we will be working for Janet and doing some things for the village hall tomorrow, three shows to local primary schools on Friday, with a performance in the Saracens Head in the evening, another show at the Grapes on Saturday and more Wwoofing on Sunday with another living room performance in the evening.

We are into the final third of the project! Bonkers isn’t it!

Hope you’re enjoying reading about it as much as we are living it.


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