Day 22 – We Still Don’t Like Rain


Just a quick update from us here at BardsBarter…

Last night we were treated to a fantastic evening, with our performance at Ros and Steve’s house in Radstock going down a treat. It was our first performance in someone’s home so we were rather nervous, especially as the room started to fill until about 20 people were squeezed into the living room… However our nerves were quickly dissolved by the welcoming atmosphere and attentive audience. We received some excellent feedback with everyone leaving with a smile on their face – always nice to see. Also, despite our requests for people to bring us a small amount of food we were once again inundated with all kinds of various items – food, drink and firewood – and we want to say a massive thank you to everyone! We had an amazing evening and it was entirely down to brilliant host’s and a wonderful audience!

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High off the success of last night we awoke this morning to some of the worst weather we have experienced so far, blasting winds and pelting rain made for an interesting day’s work on the land. The wind has made everything more difficult – the chimney has blown out of the log burner meaning we can’t light a fire, which means when it rains the water won’t evaporate… thus… everything is going to get wet and we are going to get cold, it could be our most challenging night yet.

But before we have to deal with that we have agreed to do 2-3 hours’ work for the use of Wellow Village hall. So wish us luck and we hope to post more positive things next time.


One thought on “Day 22 – We Still Don’t Like Rain

  1. Thank you again for a fantastic show in our living room last week in Radstock. We all had so much fun and friends are still coming up to us to say how brilliant you were! We’ve been thinking of you in all the stormy wet weather and hope you have your stove going again. Look forward to seeing you again on your last night. Enjoy your last week of Bardsbartering.

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