Days 23 and 24 – ‘Here’s to You Mrs Robertson’

So it’s been an interesting few days for us here weather-wise. We managed to make it through our third extreme weather warning (with our fourth out for tonight) relatively unscathed, a few trickles of water here and there and with the odd tarp escaping. The winds died down enough by the evening to allow us to reconnect our chimney to our log burner, so we gladly warmed up, dried out and had an unexpectedly good night’s sleep.

However, it was cut short by having to wake up early and be in St Julian’s primary school in Wellow to perform ‘The Nun’s Priest’s Tale’ for the whole school at 9:30 am. We ended up performing to our largest audience yet; 102 children, teachers and assistants. It went down really well, and even though we felt extremely under the weather and cold-ridden, all of the children were engaged and enjoying themselves from start to finish. We were then shipped to Shoscombe and Camerton (two other primary schools in the local area) to perform the show once again, with audiences of seventy and twenty respectively. We were treated to tea and cake in Shoscombe and a fish and chips school meal in Camerton, filling us with nostalgia. They even roped us into some spur of the moment improvisation, with the kids learning about the great fire of London, one of the teachers had us pretending we had time traveled from the fire and encouraged the children to ask us questions about the ordeal. Although our knowledge of history and improvisation skills were a little rusty, we managed to entertain the kids and maintain the illusion. It felt fantastic to be able to give something back to the local community.

After a tiring morning we fixed Nathan’s bike and readied ourselves for our fourth performance of the day at the Saracens Head Tavern in Bath. Luckily for us Janet was driving in and agreed to give us a lift, and with Darius’ parents coming to see the performance and stay the night near us, we had a life back too – so no cycling! We arrived early, ate well and changed ready to perform at half 9, after the Bath rugby home game. Matt, the manager, had expected the pub to get busy after the match and before we began performing we managed to drum up an audience of about 20 with more joining halfway through. Starting with a few songs, we eased into ‘The Wife of Bath’, which was received really well, with our knight, Sir Will, proving to be a brilliant sport even though his height was the brunt of a few jokes. We managed to have the whole performance filmed by Sam (thanks very much!!) and it can be seen below:

Absolutely shattered we headed home and slept like logs despite the cold night. No rest for the wicked though and we had to get up this morning for our gig at the Grapes at 12:30pm… Greeted by the smiling staff we played 40 minutes of music, then settled down to eat some lovely food  and watch England get beaten by South Africa.

Tomorrow we are WWOOFING for Janet and then have an evening performance in a local musician’s house, James, for his friends and family, which we are looking forward to immensely. Things are looking great and just think, this time in a week it will be back to normality.

“Plato founded a philosophy in the distrust of art and money taken together.” – Marc Shell: Art and Money.


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