Days 25 & 26 – ‘The Tent’s Flooded! Where’s The Frisbee?!’

Hey guys!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has offered us help after our post earlier, it is very appreciated…lovely to know that people care! We have been able to patch up the hole in the ground sheet which was letting all the water into the tent, so fingers crossed, it should stop any more flooding! We have also dug a small trench/channel to give the water gathered under our tent an easy route down the hill, so when the rain buggers off things should start to dry out. Our air bed has developed a slow puncture as well, just to add to our issues, but we’ve patched that up with puncture repair kits and it is also holding well…ish…so stop fretting about us, we are all OK!

It is fair to say the last couple of days have been a bit of a struggle, but nothing we can’t handle. We started on Thursday by doing work for Janet, clearing weeds and leaves from her garden and solar mat, followed by finishing off clearing the orchard. We have all been a bit under the weather since the winds and rain have hit, so energy was low, but it was our last day of work and Janet has been so good to us that we made sure we did a good job.

We were supposed to be performing for James – a local musician – and his family, but he called to tell us that they have all come down with stomach bugs, so weren’t feeling up to it. This was a real shame as we were looking forward to it, but it may have been a bit of a blessing, as we’re not sure how well we would have performed! We wish them all a speedy recovery.

Seeing that we were feeling crap, Janet let us spend the rest of the day (after a pretty long nap in the tent!) cooking, showering, diary writing and warming up in her house, which we can not thank her enough for – sorted us all out a treat!

Today we woke up fairly late and spent the rest of the day doing a bit more work on the orchard, then finishing off repair work on the tent. Unfortunately, due to more rain forecast, we had to cancel our show at The Porters this evening, just to make sure our handy work holds up and no more flooding occurs. You guys must be sick and tired of hearing about the rain! It’s all over the news and now we won’t stop going on about it. After tonight the weather is improving, so our final couple of posts should be much more positive!

Hope you are all staying reasonably dry!

Yours from a rather soggy Wellow,


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