Performance Tonight Is Cancelled!

Hey guys, due to the horrendous weather in the last few days, our tent has started falling apart! Not really…but we have flooded and discovered a few things that need instant repair before more rain this evening. Unfortunately this means that we have to concentrate on fixing everything and won’t be able to make it to our performance in the Porters tonight. Sorry to anybody who was planning on going, we are pretty gutted as well! We do still have shows on Wednesday at The Bell and on Thursday at The Natural Theatre Company’s Christmas Extravaganza so come along!! A blog of our latest adventures will be uploaded later.

Big love from the BardsBarter boys x

One thought on “Performance Tonight Is Cancelled!

  1. hope your all ok and that the ladys are helping you out with drying your clothes, which i noticed were on the floor? i know you didn’t have any choice in that, don’t feel bad if you have to pack up and leave early, you’ve done most of the month now, you must have enough material to write up on? you won’t have failed if you leave now! thinking of you all. Helen xxx

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