The Exchange List

Hey Guys and Girls,

We thought you may be interested to see everything everyone has exchange with us for our performances over the moneyless month:


3 cups of leak and potato soup

19 packets of crisps

Half a bag of wasabi almonds

7 jam doughnuts

3 chicken burgers

3 portions of nachos

81.5 pints of beer/cider

18 glasses of coke

9 Bottles of beer

2 sweets and a packet of love hearts

A pumpkin squash

Pack of toblerone tiny’s

Knobby’s nuts

3 chicken tikka’s rice and onion bajis

2 glasses of pepsi

12 cups of coffee

2 roast gammon meals

1 roast chicken meal

3 pot noodles

13 Tins of beans

9.66 Blocks of cheese

2 cans of minestrone soup

3 ham and cheese baguettes

Slice of lemon drizzle cake

4 chocolate chip cookies

Bag of carrots

2 Tins of hot dogs

Pack of mushrooms

10 Bottles of water

5 Tins of tuna

4 kit kat chunkys

9 Tins of chopped tomatoes

2 packets of minestrone soup

12 packets of super noodles

1 Bag of dried fruit

3 pastries

2 tins of vegetable chili

2 tins of beans and sausages

2 Bags of pasta

Bottle of sambuxo

3 sachets of hot chocolate

5 mega chicken tikka burger meals

28 Cups of tea

18 mini flapjacks

Box of grapes

3 chocolate pastry swirls

4 portions of onion rings

5 artichokes

3 portions of Pumpkin soup, bread and butter

2 thirds of a loaf of bread

Half a block of cheddar

2.5 Jars of quince and pumpkin chutney

9 vegetable curries

Can of Strongbow

Can of Guinness

Box of Belgium chocolates

2 Bags of porridge oats

Hunters chicken meal

5 fish and chip meals

Pack of biscuits

8 tortilla wraps

Bag of green split peas

Lentil and vegetable soup

1 tin of pork and bacon meatballs

2 tins of carrot and coriander soup

Tin of chickpeas

3 Tins of peach slices

1 Sachet of tomato and garlic cous cous

8 Loaves of bread

6 duck eggs

2 Tins of spam

Sweet pepper stir in pasta sauce, one pot

Bag of long grain rice

100g milk chocolate bar

2 big bags of firewood

3 bags of kindling

1 nights stay in the Beale house

25g of amber leaf tobacco

Genoa cake

Carton of mango and apple juice

50g of amber leaf tobacco

1 tin of mild beef curry

Box of maltesers

3 sachets of golden syrup porridge

Jar of crunchy peanut butter

Tin of sardines

Tin of red kidney beans

3 lollypops

Tin of spicy parsnip soup

Tin of mushroom potage

6 bread rolls

Tin of stewed steak

Homemade green tomato cake

10 teabags

4 sachets of chicken and leak cuppa-soup

6 cereal bars

Carton of tropical juice

Bag of raisins

2 packets of cous cous

4 sachets of minestrone soup

2 packets of vegetable soup mix

Bag of dried apricots

Bag of dried tropical fruit

12 apples

Small bag of firewood

Big box of floorboards

2 packs of pork scratchings

1 bag of peanuts

6 white finger rolls

Jar of strawberry jam

Pack of chocolate biscuits

3 big ben burger meals

Side of garlic bread

2 large sausage rolls

3 bottles of cider

3 chocolate chip muffins

1 pack of cheese straws

Bag of kindling

Pot hummus

Pot of fruit salad

4 sausage rolls

16 AAA batteries

3 burgers and chips

3 shots

3 portions of soup and bread

6 slices of apple cake

4 mars bars

6 portions of dahl soup

6 naan bread

3 portions of rice, chicken and almond sauce

27 glasses of wine

10 glasses of homemade apple juice

6 slices of cheesecake

6 packets of wheatabix breakfast oat biscuits

Box of ritz crackers

Pack of cuppa soup

3 tomatoes

1 cookie

3 portions of chips

1 union jack tea towel

6 smiley face condoms

Bag of peanuts

6 deep mince pies

1 litre semi skimmed milk

Carton of white grape and peach juice

Packet of Jacobs cream crackers

Pack of hobnobs

10 milk chocolate crumble biscuits

Carton of orange juice

16 satsumas

4 spicy lentil burgers and chips

1 vegetarian lasagne

1 vegetarian bangers and mash

Bag of ash tree shavings

4 buttered breakfast muffins

Pot of smooth peanut butter

3 slices of apple pie

3 portions of vegetable soup

Bottle of rioja

6 cans of beer

4 blueberry muffins

Loaf of cheesy bread

Pot of cooked local vegetables and pasta

Pack of wild rocket

3 courgettes

Box of fruit and nut alpen porridge

7 peppers

Tin of mixed beans

1 bulb of garlic

Carton of apple juice

Bag of home-grown vegetables

Lemon drizzle cake

3 homemade cupcakes

Bag of reconstituted wood

15 mince pies

7 segments of terry’s chocolate orange

13 after eights

5 stolon bites

4 slices of chocolate log

1 slice of coffee cake

3 iced buns

14 small cartons of milk

25g golden Virginia

4 packs of rizla

1 box of super slim filters

12.5g golden Virginia

Mega mixed grill burger

1 mini guiness

6 packets of instant coffee

5 bags of timber off-cuts

Jar of beetroot chutney

Big homemade lasagne

2 liters of home brewed cider

2 jack daniels with honey and coke

Big bar of dairy milk

3 flatbread pizzas

3 portions of vegetable soup

3 baked potatoes and barbecue beans

6 slices of fish quiche

3 portions of sprout and pomegranate salad

5 portions of sherry trifle

5 slices of pear cake

2 slices of pumpkin pie

3 portions of crimble crumble

Isn’t that insane!?

2 thoughts on “The Exchange List

  1. Darius, dad says ” I wonder if you could value it?” it would be interesting to see how much that lot cost money wise? well done all xx

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