The Moneyless Month Is Over


The Moneyless Month is over! We have had three days where we can spend money and have bought all kinds of things!! Fuel, The Moneyless Manifesto, a sandwich, drinks, some minstrels and Sacred Economics to name but a few. We found it slightly strange coming back to the real world but we have seamlessly slotted back into using modern technology and money, and although none of us really missed any of the home comforts, we still greatly appreciate being home and not having to walk five minutes to the toilet!

Our final night of being moneyless was one filled with fun, merriment and a sense of relaxation and, even though by the end of it we were shattered, we had a fantastic time and it was a great send off. We spent the evening with Janet, Erica and a group of their friends enjoying fine food and drink, some of which Erica had cobbled together from our leftovers (yes we had leftovers!) – the seafood quiche being a particular highlight. We did our final performance of ‘The Wife of Bath’ to a small audience and, although it was perhaps lacking in energy, all who attended made us feel right at home taking all the pressure off us, meaning we could enjoy it, they could enjoy it and hopefully the brave Sir Hugh enjoyed it too! It was a really nice way to finish off our experience and hopefully it went some of the way to thanking Janet and Erica for all they have done for us. After the food and performance we were off to the Beale household to enjoy our first night inside for 32 days, with central heating and all sorts – it was beautiful!

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So that brings us to the end of our current moneyless adventure, it has been a truly inspiring experience and one that none of us ever expected – it has helped us rediscover our faith in humanity. We will never forget November 2012.

All that is left for us to do now is thank the people who made it possible.

Thank you to:

Janet & Erica for letting us stay on their land and everything else they have done for us – we could not have asked for better people to stay with.

Harry, Janie and Chris for the tents…without them this project would never have been possible.

Uncle Eric for Tom’s bike…now known as “Old Reliable” – the bike, not Uncle Eric!

All our parents – Barry, Dianne, Ray, Murray, Helen, Alison & Julian – for your support throughout the project and moulding us into such hardy human beings. Also big thanks to Sam for filming the show at the Saracens, it looks great!

Nadine, Beth & Kai – our loyal and loving girlfriends for the phone calls that always gave us a lift, even in our lowest moments.

Sir David, Sir Tom, Sir Alex, Sir Shane, Sir Steve, Sir Jan, Sir Duncan, Sir Phil, Sir Andy, Sir Paul, Sir Chris, Sir Oli, Sir Will, Sir Joe, Sir Phill II & Sir Hugh, for being the bravest knights anyone could ever imagine.

Matt, Alex, Gavin, Dave, Emily, Liz, Simon and James from The Saracen’s Head and The Grapes for welcoming us into their establishments, letting us harass their clientele, the fabulous food & drinks and the hot showers…we consider all of you our good friends, you are awesome!

Ralph, Nick, Helen and everybody else at The Natural Theatre Company for giving us the opportunity to collaborate with you, it was an honour.

James, Marie and the kids for welcoming us into your home and being such lovely people.

Eric, Susanne & Rosie from the Fox & Badger.

Darren from the Hobgoblin.

Siobhan and everyone at the Bath Chronicle.

Steve Le Fevre and everyone at BBC Radio Bristol.

Mush, Harry & all the staff at The Porters – we love the place and always felt very welcome.

Mike from The Huntsman.

Phil & Catherine Beale for the nice warm house to sleep in on our last night.

Duncan & Vicky Hammerton for the hot showers and incredible lasagne.

Everyone who donated anything while we were busking.

Everyone who gave generously to our cause at Wellow Village Hall.

Adam & Kirby from the Heartwood Project, for giving us the opportunity to fell trees with an axe…we are now real men!

All the kids, staff and parents of the Magic Box.

Ros, Steve & Theo for having us perform in their home. Also, all their friends who came along and gave so generously – it was a brilliant evening. Special thanks to Mark, Charlotte & Claire for the baths.

All the staff and kids from St Julians, Shoscombe and Camerton schools.

Sue & Alfie for always brightening up our day.

Dave Southern for all of his advice on street performance – it was invaluable!

Dawn for the tobacco, Liberty for the doughnuts, The Silver Statue for the advice, Alex & Sarah the poets, Andy & Margaret who trudged through the mud to bring food to our tent, Pagan for teaching Tom & Nathan how to “waltz”, The lady at the Egg Theatre for the warming soup, The lady at the Mission Theatre for the crisps, Kay from Wellow Village Shop, Howie & Janson for the drinks and entertainment, Mark the musician from The Grapes, The ladies from the Grapes for their fabulous food offerings, Adrian a.k.a. Bruce for the beers and brilliant stories (particularly “The day that Bill died”), Lex & Harry for showing us the best view in Bath, Mrs Robertson for the stew, Matthew & Heskey the dog for plucking Tom and Darius from the downpour, Heather and her husband for the brilliant firewood and food (we apologise our voices weren’t up to much that early in the morning!), Michael & Glenda for the crisps and cider, Everyone who came to Janet & Erica’s on our last moneyless night, Everybody at the Natural Theatre Company’s Xmas Extravaganza for a fabulous reception.

Finally a massive thank you to anyone who saw us perform, followed our adventures and gave us any support during our moneyless adventure. We could not have done any of this without you and everybody we have mentioned above.

To be continued…

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