New Website and Projects


After working quietly behind the scenes for the last 18 months we have put in the foundations in to start creating a new body of work.

Firstly, you can find the new website at

And here is what has been happening…

  • We have been working hard on creating a new mobile performance space, ‘The Giftwam’ and have toiled for many hours in Darius’ garage creating the panels for this. Before Darius went off on his adventures (he has been off driving round Europe) we had made good progress and now he is back we expect to continue working on it.
  • We created a few very short Alice in Wonderland skits and were hired to perform at a 70th Birthday Party in Cornwall.
  • Tom and Darius have also been running workshops based around making Maths more engaging and kinesthetic for secondary school children.

Alongside ‘The Giftwam’ we are looking to create a new ‘Gift Box’, similar to the one from ‘The Gift Economy’ – so watch this space!

Much love,


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